Economic Development and Sustainability Committee

Pownal Economic Development and Sustainability Committee Charge

            The Pownal Economic Development and Sustainability Committee will, in conjunction with the Pownal Select Board, Promote a sustainable local economy, utilizing resources and strategies to meet the current and future needs of the community, by:

1. Developing initiatives to support existing, and encourage new businesses that complement the character of Pownal. 

2. Reviewing and researching funding sources, and determining the most viable strategies for funding Pownal’s current and future needs.

3. Working with other Boards and Committees within the town, to promote the Town’s economic wellbeing.

4. Assisting the Select Board with the implementation of any policies or strategies required to ensure the economic stability of the town.

            The members of the Economic Development and Sustainability Committee shall be appointed by the Select Board, with no less than five members, nor more than seven members, for a three year term.  The terms will be staggered.  A quorum shall consist of three members for a committee of five, or four members for a committee of six or seven. The committee cannot conduct business without a quorum present. The Select Board shall appoint a Select Board Liaison to this committee, though ALL Select Board members input and attendance is encouraged.  When there is a permanent vacancy, the Select Board shall, as soon as possible, appoint a person to serve for the unexpired term.  The Select board will advise the Chair of the potential candidate prior to appointing the new member.  The Chairperson shall call meetings of the committee, which will meet monthly or as needed.  Agendas and Minutes of each meeting shall be submitted to the Town Clerk.


Pat Hodgdon                           Terms Ends:  2024

Paul Schumann                       Terms Ends:  2024

Susan Briggs Peters, Chair     Term Ends:  2024


Select Board Liaison:  Andy O'Brien