Capital Improvement Planning Committee

Capital Improvement Planning Committee ChargeThe CIP Committee is responsible for researching the future capital needs of the Town and prioritizing projects in a way that makes them manageable for the Town’s finances. This Committee makes an annual recommendation to the Select Board for both the capital purchases of that budget year as well as a recommended appropriation to the future capital projects fund. When there is a permanent vacancy, the Select Board shall, as soon as possible, appoint a person to serve for the a one-year term. The Select Board will advise the Chair of the potential candidate before appointing this new member. The Chairperson shall call meetings of the committee which will meet monthly or as needed. A quorum of the Committee is necessary to conduct an official meeting and shall consist of 2/3 of the membership. Agendas & minutes of each meeting shall be submitted to the Town Clerk.


Paul Schumann, Chair                     Term Ends:  2024
Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest     Term Ends:  2024
Cuyler Feagles                                  Term Ends:  2024
Theresa Lofgren                                Term Ends: 2024
Select Board Liaison:  Jon Morris