Fire & Rescue


The Pownal Fire & Rescue Department supports a Fire Chief who is appointed by the Selectmen for a three-year term.  The Chief oversees the working of the Department.  This includes scheduling trainings, managing the budget, hiring staff, purchasing necessary equipment, and many other tasks that make for a well-run Department.

Within the Department, is the Fire Company, an entity that fund raises and provides support for the Department.

Pownal also has a First Responder Team who responds to medical calls.  Some members are trained as EMT's.  This Department periodically offers CPR classes for re-certification. The Rescue Department holds regular trainings to give members the opportunity to practice their skills and to work through a variety of scenarios.  Pownal uses Freeport Rescue for transport and all emergency calls are dispatched to the Cumberland County Regional Communication Center by dialing 911.

The Pownal Fire & Rescue Department always welcomes new members - either as fire fighters or rescue personnel, and all volunteers are needed and valued.



The Fire Class Day is determined each day by the Maine Forestry Service, ( Fire Permits are issued accordingly.  You may also obtain a permit from the Town Clerk during regular business hours (Mon 9am - 6:30pm, Tues-Thurs 9am-4:30pm).  Fire permits may also be obtained online from Warden's Report Click Here




Chief Jesse Peters,  c/o Pownal Fire and Rescue, 429 Hallowell Rd, Pownal, Maine  04069  

Chief, Jesse Peters Cell: 207-318-1997

Center Station Non Emergency Telephone: 207-688-2211

                                                              Fax: 207-688-4450


Safety Officer: Dick Hogue 207-420-6875

Captain:  Scott Hendee 207-318-4713

Captain:  Andy O'Brien 207-232-4743

Lieutenant:  David Feinberg 781-835-7967