Absentee Ballot Applications Available for the March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary

Absentee Ballot Applications are now available for the March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary.  

There are multiple ways to request your ballot:

Online Electronic Service click here

Absentee Application at the link below. 

Accessible (Electronic) Absentee Ballot click here.  **As of October 2, 2020, the accessible absentee ballot is available as an option on the online absentee ballot request page. This page is activated to receive ballot requests 3 months prior to each election. The Department of the Secretary of State developed this new service in coordination with Maine’s online service provider, InforME, with input from advocates at Disability Rights Maine. It is intended for voters with print disabilities, which may include vision impairment or blindness, physical dexterity limitations, learning disabilities or cognitive impairment, all of which prevent the individual from independently marking a paper ballot.

Telephone Request call 207-688-4611.  Please note we need to speak with each voter individually that is requesting a ballot.  

For more information on elections and elections and voter registrations, click here


Beginning January 1, 2024, Maine is transitioning from a closed primary system to a semi-open primary.  This means unenrolled voters will now be able to participate in primaries.  The definition of an unenrolled voter is a voter that is not enrolled in a party.  Unenrolled voters will be able to vote in one party's primary.  Below is a list of ballot options based on party enrollment. 

Voter Enrollment Status Ballot Options
Unenrolled :  May select either a Democratic or Republican ballot

Democratic:  No ballot selection - must receive Democratic ballot

Green Independent:  No ballot selection - Party not participating in Primary

Libertarian:  No ballot selection - Party not participating in Primary

Republican:  No ballot selection - must receive Republican ballot

No Labels: (qualifying) No ballot selection (qualifying party).  If No Labels becomes "qualified" in January, the party will still not be participating in the primary.