Annual Town Meeting Notice

Annual Town Meeting Notification

We had a good turn out to Annual Town Meeting there were 123 registered voters who came out to express their vote. There was a hat left behind so if anyone was looking for their tan Grand Canyon Railway Williams, AZ hat we have it here at the Town Office!

A question was asked at the Town Meeting that I wanted to address to pass along to everyone. The question was about what the balance of the Undesignated Fund was and why it was shown as $0 under Article 34. The answer to these two questions are:

  1. The Undesignated Fund Balance is as it is stated on page 20 of the Audit Report which is $966,692.20. We will not know the 2019 balance of the Undesignated Fund until our Auditor comes and does the audit. There are multiple factors that go into getting that figure once our 2019 audit is complete we will have that figure.

  2. The reason for a $0.00 line item under Article 34 was a result of two things: 1. This figure should not be shown under the revenue line. This is money that the Town already has. We are not generating this as revenue like all the other line items above it. 2. It is a $0.00 because we were not asking the Town to move any money from Undesignated Fund to help reduce taxes. If the Town wanted to use Undesignated Fund money to reduce taxes we would need to do so in a separate warrant article but it should not be shown as a revenue.