Old Reminders from Town Hall


If you require a burn permit please do so online at www.wardensreport.com or call the office during office hours at 207-688-4611.
Based on the legislation under this Civil State of Emergency registration requirements have been granted extensions. So what does this mean?
1. License Extensions. Any registrations for vehicles: motor vehicles, trailers, and dogs that will expire during the declared state of emergency are automatically extended until 30 days following the termination of the State of Emergency. NOTE: This does not modify the license period going forward, and all applicable fees are due within 30 days following the lifting of the declared emergency.
a. This applies to all NEW vehicle registrations AND RENEWAL registrations.
b. This DOES NOT apply to property taxes at this time.
c. This DOES NOT apply to ATV or Watercrafts at this time: Board Registrations are now required to be registered as of May 1st. Please contact the office and we can help you with your registration.
ATV Registrations - We have not received our new ATV tags from the State as of yet.
2. Online RegistrationResidents may renew registrations or motor vehicles, trailers, online during the state of emergency and 30 days thereafter.
What if my registration expires in March?
All motor vehicle registrations due after the declaration of emergency are deemed extended until 30 days following the termination of the state of emergency.
What is my registration expired before March?
LD 2167 specifically refers to vehicles that are due during the emergency. If your car expired previous to the declaration (February or before), please try to complete the registration online. If you are unable to complete the registration online please call the office during regular business hours.
What if I purchased a car from a dealership and my 10 day plate is expiring?
The 10-day plates issued by dealers is included in the declaration.
What if I purchased a vehicle out of state of through a private sale and I need the car registered for transportation?
Call the office during regular business office hours and we will handle the registration on a case by case basis.
What if I purchased a vehicle through a private sale during this time what do I do about plates?
We are advising people to keep the bill of sale, title or finance paperwork with you along with your proof of insurance until the offices are open back up again.
When the Emergency is lifted will the date on my plate change?
All registrations processed after the emergency will not change to registration fees or interval.
Even though we are not open to the public please know we are working behind the scenes to assist you in any way we can!
As of MAY 1, 2018 Casella aka Pine Tree Waste will NO LONGER pick up bagged recycling.
Please place all recycling in a trash can, tote bin or cardboard box labeled recycling.