Zoning Board of Apeals

Pownal Board of Appeals

Administrative Appeal Hearing

August 1, 2018 ~ 7:00pm @ Mallett Hall


SUBJECT:  To consider the application submitted by Michael Albert, 400 Hodsdon Road requesting to appeal the decision of the Code Enforcement Officer regarding a Certificate of Occupancy issued for an accessory dwelling located at 390 Hodsdon Road (Map 7, Lot 20).





  1.  Call meeting to order  / determine quorum of Board


  1. Approve minutes of April 17, 2018


  1. Summarization of appeal


  1. Does the Board of Appeals have jurisdiction to hear this appeal?


  1. Does the appellant have standing in this appeal?


  1. Appellant states case


  1. Parties to the action state case


  1. Testimony will be accepted from interested parties


  1. Rebuttal time for all parties


  1.      Hearing closes


  1. Deliberation / finding of facts


  1. Decision / motion


  1. Meeting adjourned.