Public Hearings and Select Board Meeting

There will be 3 public hearings starting at 5:30 pm.  The Conservation Commission will be hosting one to discuss town owned land and the Berlin Subdivision (see summary below).  The Planning Board will be holding a public hearing on the ordinance articles for the annual Town Meeting warrant.  The Select Board will be hosting the final public hearing on the draft Town Meeting warrant. The the regular Select Board meeting will begin at the end of the public hearings.  These will be in-person hearings and meeting and all CDC guidelines will be followed.

To view the agenda click here

The Maine Department of Transportation is looking into potential uses of the state-owned Berlin Subdivision rail corridor from Portland’s Old Port to the Auburn/New Gloucester line. MaineDOT would like input from towns along the rail corridor which includes Pownal.  

There are three options that were studied: Trail until Rail, Rail only, and Rail with Trail. Based on cost and demand, the Rail Use Advisory Committee recommended Trail until Rail which means that until the state is ready to invest in reviving that dormant rail corridor, the public should be able to use this asset as a trail.