Board of Selectmen

Pownal Board of Selectmen
Meeting Notice and Agenda
Monday, May 15th, 2017
7 PM @ Mallett Hall

                1.  Payroll Warrant
                2.  AP Warrant
                3.  Minutes of Previous Meeting
                4.  Public Comments on Items NOT on the Agenda
                6.  Department Head Reports
                7.  Old Business (if any)       
                8.  Board of Appeals Appointments
                9.  Painting quote for Old Selectmen's Office and exterior windows of Mallett Hall
               10.  E-911 Officer  Appointment
                11.  FOAA Public Access Officer Appointment
                12.  RSU #5 Warrant for Referendum Ballot  (signatures)
                13 Correspondence
                14.  Any other items as the Chairman may deem appropriate.