Eco Maine Representative Note


Recycling Issues:
The value of recyclables has plummeted recently, and the cost of sorting out waste from recyclables has increased, resulting in serious economic issues at ecomaine, where Pownal's waste and recyclables go. Buyers or recyclables are becoming much more demanding relative to reduction of contaminates in loads or recycled materials.
In part because of this, there is a particularly important change in our recycling policy. Plastic bags are no longer allowed in the single sort recycling system. They are difficult to sort from other recyclables and contaminate batches of other recycled materials. They also clog up the star wheels that do much of the mechanical sorting in the recycling process. Please recycle them at retail stores that accept them or put them in your blue trash bags. And do not use plastic bags to hold recyclables for collection at curb side. Place recyclables loose in bins or boxes.
Also, keep trash out of the recycling. If it is not specifically allowed, don't mix it in with your recycling. It costs money to sort these waste items out. Questions about what is allowed and prohibited can be answered in ecomaine's "Recyclopedia" on the left hand side of our website or at the ecomaine website or by calling them at 207-773-1738.