Rubbish & Recycling





Trash and recycling is picked up curbside. Trash must be placed in town approved  Pay-as-You-Throw (PAYT) bags.  These bags are available for purchase at Hannaford in Yarmouth and Gray, Shaw’s and Bow Street Market in Freeport, Short Stop, and Mallett Hall in Pownal. 

Prices:  $3.25 a roll of five 15-gallon bags; $7.15 for a roll of five 33-gallon bags.


Recyclables are picked up at curbside on the same day as your trash.  Use any recycling container that you choose, except plastic bags. The waste hauler asks that you limit the weight to 30 pounds per container. There is no limit to the amount of recyclables you put out. 

Recyclable waste includes newspapers, flattened cardboard, magazines, junk mail, office paper, glass, steel & aluminum cans, plastic shopping bags, and all plastics labeled as #1 through #7 in the triangle on bottom, except Styrofoam. For a complete list of recyclables visit the ECO-Maine website.

Recycling that is contaminated with trash will not be picked up.


Find out what you can and can not recycle and how to dispose of other waste