Flood Insurance Rate Maps

FEMA - The Federal Emergency Management Agency - is proposing to adopt new maps to mandate changes, and assist communities in recognizing flood prone areas that may place buildings, dwellings and infrastructure in danger.  These new maps, reflect those proposed changes.  It is important to remember that these are proposed maps at this time, however if adopted, they could impact your need to purchase flood insurance to satisfy your mortgage holder.

 These maps are on display in the voting room on the first floor of Mallett Hall, and we have added these links so that you can access them and look at them online.  If you have any issues opening these files (they are large pdf files) you may still want to visit Mallett Hall to view them..

 The links below also list the roads that are shown on each map.  Again, these are very large files, and they may take a few moments to download.  You will need the Acrobat PDF Viewer to download the maps.


If you find that you would like to request a change in the proposed maps, follow this link to download a map change application and instructions.  Click Here.


Click on Maps below

23005C0305     Lawrence Rd.

23005C0310     No Pownal roads

23005C0315     Fickett Rd., Lawrence Rd.. Poland Range Rd., Upper Minot Rd., Sweetser Rd., Allen Rd., Tryon Rd., Wilson Rd., Elwood Rd., Leighton Rd., Chadsey Rd., Donna Lane, Dow's Lane, Hallowell Rd., Loring Lane

23005C0320     Poland Range Rd., Hallowell Rd., Minot Rd., Upper Minot Rd., Bradbury Mountain State Park, Elmwood Rd., Libby Rd., Hodsdon Rd., Merrill Rd., Brown Rd., Tuttle Rd., Goss Lane., Verrill Rd., K & D Lane

23005C0340     Brown Rd.

23005C0527     Hallowell Rd., Royal Rd.

23005C0531     Loring Lane, Hodsdon Rd., Royal Rd., Merrill Rd., Verrill Rd.

23005C0532     Verrill Rd., Elmwood Rd., Merrill Rd.

23005C0533     Royal Rd.