Planning Board

The Planning Board meets every 3rd Wednesday at 6pm at the Mallet Hall.
Members of the Public are Welcome at all meetings.
To Contact the Planning Board:

All Planning Board Proposals for changes to the Land Use Code were passed and adopted as of Town Meeting Day. The full code can be downloaded from this web site. To view the code, please click here


Matthew Altieri, Chair                 Term Expiration: 2025

Todd Mellin                                 Term Expiration: 2025

Brian Stornelli                             Term Expiration:  2024

Marcia Bowen, Secretary            Term Expiration:  2026

Orion Breen                                 Term Expiration:  2027

Mercedes Pour-Previti, Alt           Term Expiration:  2025

Bill Schmidt, Alt                            Term Expiration:  2027

Select Board Liaison:  Jon Morris

Town Planner:  Tom Ursia

Town Planning Consultant:

North Star Planning

Phone: 207-400-6097